Why Tank Tops Are a MUST HAVE - Even During Winter

Fall is right around the corner which has most women rejoicing. Can we get a resounding HELL YEAH! for boots, scarves, sweaters, and pumpkin-spice lattes? 

But just because the seasons are changing and the weather is starting to get cooler doesn’t mean you have to forgo your tank-tops - particularly if you are an expecting mother. In fact, the perfect maternity tank-top is the perfect clothing accessory for fall and winter, and here are the reasons why.

Why Maternity Tank Tops Are A MUST-HAVE 

Anyone who has ever been pregnant or currently is pregnant is familiar with the hot-flashes we are subjected to. One minute we’re freezing; the next minute we’re sweating like a convent in an interrogation room. It just seems impossible to get to a comfortable temperature. 

Layering your wardrobe with tank-tops is a great way to quickly cool-off when you feel those hormonal hot-flashes coming on. Paired with a cute cardigan or jean jacket, you can stay warm when it’s a particularly brisk day, but have the ability to shed your top layer when you start getting hot. 

Plus (let’s be honest) pregnant women are more likely to sweat than we normally would, and tank-tops provide that circulation and ventilation to avoid what we lovingly refer to as “swamp pits”. 

However, not all maternity tank-tops are created equal which is why Pregnology created our line of maternity tank tops specifically designed for every changing body part, temperature, and hormone. Here are the main reasons our pregnancy tank tops are held to the highest standard.


These lightweight, pregnancy, sleeveless shirts feature a side ruched waist and scoop neckline. The seamless and strategic ruching along the sides flatters your curves and grows with you until delivery day. Dress up or dress down. Wear them under a blazer to the office or to your maternity yoga class. These tank tops are incredibly versatile and will make you feel comfortable while showing off a smooth, lifted, and supported belly.


Pregnology’s tank tops provide extra support with their built-in, wire-free, shaping, shelf bra padding. You can ditch the uncomfortable maternity bras and sports bras! Wear this tank while using nursing pads and enjoy your day with dry, snug comfort and no straps digging into your skin or wires poking at your chest. 


Our pregnancy tanks are designed with a lightweight, stretchy, soft, and breathable nylon/spandex blend. The beautiful maternity tank-top contours to your body, highlighting your beautiful curves while concealing the not-so-flattering parts. Each shirt is comprised of high-quality material that won’t lose it’s form or stretchability, wash-after-wash, wear-after-wear. Cotton-like, curve-hugging knit provides a no-cling, smooth, and secure fit.


We all have our staple outfits that are our go-to’s. Usually, for pregnant women, those tend to include comfortable leggings and hoodies. But what every expecting mother really needs is the perfect tank-top that she can match with just about anything. Whether running errands, going to pilates, going to the office, or maybe enjoying a rare date night out when you and the hubby can get away - a pregnology tank top is the perfect item to dress up or dress down. Check out Pregnology’s line of adorable and affordable tank-tops here

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