Ways to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy! Best Presents for a Mom-to-be

While looking for a present for a pregnant friend or relative, we mostly concentrate on baby clothes, toys, and gadgets that are supposed to make life a little bit easier for new-mom life. But we forget that, during pregnancy, a woman already has to cope with 9 uneasy months of body changes, mood swings, and all kinds of restrictions associated with pregnancy. This can go from uncomfortable to down-right debilitating. So, let`s try to change our approach to motherhood and think of presents that will make a pregnant woman happy - here and now - not after the baby is born.

Beauty Salon Certificate

Nothing makes a woman happier than those few moments in time we get to take care of ourselves and feel beautiful. During pregnancy, our bodies go through dramatic changes. Some of them might be quite upsetting. Most of the mood swings associated with pregnancy are caused by abrupt body changes and insecurities - not just by hormones. What’s a great way to give a soon-to-be-mom some much needed “me” time? Pamper her! You can’t go wrong with a certificate for a beauty salon if you want to make a pregnant woman feel really special. A blowout, manicure, makeup – there are a lot of beauty procedures that can easily make a pregnant woman go from groaning to glowing. 

Lotions and Care Products for Pregnant Women

Stretch marks, varicose veins, weird spots, and other skin deformations become every lady`s nightmare as soon as she sees her first positive pregnancy test. Fortunately, the modern market is full of solutions that allow a woman to take care of herself and minimize the effects of unfortunate pregnancy “battle scars”. The beauty industry is inundated with skincare products to help with all of these conditions. Plus, don`t we all just love receiving beautiful fragrant tubes and jars that promote health and beauty? Such presents are also nice gestures to demonstrate that you care about your friend and want to cheer her up. Sometimes, it really is the thought that counts.


Pregnancy Clothes

Pregnant or not, women remain women in every condition. We always want to look and feel beautiful. Shopping is one of the most popular means to cheer us up! Pregnancy may be a great opportunity for your friend to revise her wardrobe and do some quality shopping. Taking your pregnant friend out shopping or giving her a certificate for maternity clothes is always a thoughtful and appreciated gift. If you are close and you know her size and taste, you may choose to pick something out for her, yourself. There are lots of online and offline shops nowadays that will help build a functional and fashionable maternity wardrobe.


Belly Belt

A belly belt It is a specially designed elastic belt that is aimed to support the belly. As the baby grows inside the mom, it becomes heavier. First of all, it causes those unsightly stretch marks that every pregnant woman is hoping to avoid. Secondly, the heavy belly shifts the musculoskeletal system so that the body balance points are off, causing severe back pain. The Belly Belt is a great solution for all those issues. Usually, these belts are quite thin and elastic so you may comfortably wear them under any top.


Pregnancy Pillow 

Getting your Zzzz’s in when you’re growing a baby is crucial, but not always easy. When a pregnant woman asks for advice from someone who already has kids, she usually receives the same answer: “Sleep! You won`t have this luxury after you give birth!”  But anyone who has had a child growing inside of her knows how hard it is to comfort yourself at night. Body pillows that are designed specifically for pregnant women may be a real salvation for both them and their spouses! The best thing about body pillows is that a woman can use it later for breastfeeding and comforting her baby.


Safety Gadgets

Every pregnant woman does her best to take extra good care of her health and safety. There are lots of pre-measures one can take, including safety solutions and gadgets you can gift that might give your pregnant friend some solace. These safety precautions show that you care. For example, a cute rubber mat will prevent her from falling in the bathroom. Other gifts might include special seat belts for pregnant women that will secure her and her baby while driving. Remember - a present during this sensitive period will not only cheer her up, but show your support.


Home Appliance

As a pregnant woman moves from trimester to trimester, the easiest things may become more complicated. Fortunately, there are millions of gadgets and home appliances that make our everyday life easier.  Believe us - every pregnant woman would be grateful for a modern washing machine or dryer as laundry will become her daily routine in the near future. A dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, food processor -  all these things will make her life during pregnancy significantly easier and will become real lifesavers once the baby arrives.

Belly Buds

During pregnancy, you simply cannot wait to start talking and singing to your baby, sharing the love and care you have for it. Belly buds are a great solution for interacting with your baby through song, stories, and voice recognition. According to research, babies start to distinguish sounds and voices after 20 weeks and build their first memories after 30 weeks of pregnancy. Every pregnant woman would be thrilled to have such a great opportunity to communicate with her child.


Pregnancy Subscription Box

Everybody just loves beauty boxes. These subscriptions help us discover and try new products, bringing an element of surprise that most of us might lack in our everyday routine. There are subscription boxes designed specfically for pregnant women. If you arrange such a subscription for your friend, she will receive a box with products and treats designed for each trimester.

In short, pregnancy is a very special period in every woman’s life, but it isn’t always easy. It is a time of change - physically, mentallhy, and emotionally. Becoming responsible for another human being is a big deal! That is why it is very important to show your pregnant friend that she is not alone and has a solid support system. Giving her gifts beyond a baby shower shows that you don’t just care about her baby - you care about her, too,  and making this crucial time in her life as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 


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