Pregnancy suits you! How maternity clothes can conceal or emphasize your baby bump and make you look slimmer

We’ve all heard of the “pregnancy glow”, but how many of us pregnant women really feel like we’re glowing during most of pregnancy?. Even though it’s one of the most exciting periods of your life, you are bound to feel uncomfortable in a body that is continually growing and stretching in all sorts of directions. Some days you want to emphasize your beautiful curves; other days you want to conceal them as best as possible. Common symptoms associated with pregnancy are weight gain, swelling, feeling bloated, and experiencing massive hormone attacks that makes you feel like a foreigner in your own body. None of these changes should keep you from enjoying great style and clothing, though. A proper mix and match of maternity clothes and everyday accessories will help you adjust to any situation - belly bloat and all.

Maternity clothes that make you look slimmer

Here are several basic - but very efficient - ways to look slimmer (even during the 3rd trimester.)

  • Dark colors. This might be a no-brainer for those that learned at an early age that dark colors make you look slimmer. Blacks, greys, and dark blues are good options for women that want to hide excess weight. Instead of emphasizing your curves, dark colors give the illusion of a slimmer figure.
  • Maternity compression leggings are an effective and stylish way to support your body and shape while ensuring proper blood circulation. They also are great at keeping excess body weight contained (sort of like body shapers). 
  • Skin tight top. This wardrobe choice is good for people who carry most of their weight around their hips, butt, and thighs. People usually notice the upper part of your body first. So if you want to look slimmer, you might want to choose a skin-tight maternity top and combine it with a voluminous maxi-skirt or loose pants. This will shift the focus from your bottom to your top, helping conceal your growing hips and legs.
  • Monochrome dresses. We all remember Chanel`s saying about a little black dress: Every woman has to own at least one. The dress does not have to be black - you may choose any color you want. But if you want to look slimmer, you might want to avoid flashy prints and decorative details on your dress. Bold prints only draw attention to you and give the illusion that you are bigger than you are. 

How to emphasize your baby bump

If you are one of the lucky ones, you are absolved of too much swelling, back pain, and hormonal fluctuations. For you, pregnancy is a magical period that you want to show off. You feel so significant as you bring new life into the world! Sometimes you want to draw attention to your cute baby bump. Here are some stylish ways to accomplish this. 

  • Skintight dresses. The most feminine piece of clothing is a  skintight maternity dress which will fit perfectly around every curve of your body. Not only do they look feminine and adorable, but they are also incredibly comfortable and every pregnant woman knows that comfort is a #1 priority.
  • Leggings. Maternity leggings are specially designed to support your belly while also emphasizing your sexiest curves. Whether you choose a plain color of something with print, you simply cannot go wrong with a soft pair of leggings that you can combine with any fun and flirty top, t-shirt, or tunic. 
  • Summer Chic Tops and Shorts. Nothing is quite as feminine and sexy as a free-spirited woman adorning free-flowing tunics, lace tops, and faded jean shorts. This year is all about summer chic clothing and just because you are preggers doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the stylish options on the market. Don’t be afraid to show off your natural good vibes in sexy, bohemian-style outfits. 

How to conceal your baby bump

Let`s face it. No matter how happy you are during pregnancy or how magical your “inner glow” is, sometimes you might want to conceal the fact that you are pregnant. This is particularly true when you are in the first trimester and you are in that weird stage of people wondering, “Is she or isn’t she?” Usually, pregnant women resort to baggy hoodies and sweaters to cover their growing belly. But there are other, more stylish ways to hide your bump.

  • Sporty style. Don’t just think jumpsuits. Many clothing brands and even office dress codes have adopted the sport-casual business style. The main idea behind sporty-style clothes is that they are loose and spacious around your midsection and legs but become tight around your appendages. Think rompers, jumpers, and maxi dresses. These elements draw attention away from your belly area.
  • Blazers, Tunics, and Shawls. It’s amazing what a great jacket or cover-up can do to cover your belly bump. Plus, if you choose a bright yellow blazer or a printed shawl, it will take the focus off your mid-region. And, it adds a splash of color to any outfit. 
  • Eye-Catching Accessories. If you don`t want people to focus on your belly, you can shift their focus onto something else. A massive hairband, floppy hat, or an oversized scarf are not only perfect attention-grabbers; they are the hottest accessory trends this year. Another helpful trick that came to us right from the podium this year is a chunky necklace. The main idea is to distract people from looking below your neckline. 

Bottom line: You have to feel comfortable in your own skin and only you know what it takes to give you that boost of confidence. Whatever style you choose during your pregnancy, be true to who you are and don’t let anyone tell you differently or shame you for how you choose to dress. 

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