Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas that will Help You Cherish Those Precious Memories

A pregnancy is something you will never forget - whether it’s the first or the fifth. The first positive test, how you told your friends and family, and the first time you felt your baby kicking.... It might seem that these precious moments will stay with you forever, but time has a sneaky way of robbing us of even our sweetest, most intimate memories. A pregnancy photoshoot is a great opportunity to secure those magical moments and share them with others. Also… who doesn’t love being the center of attention for an afternoon? Let`s check out the most popular pregnancy photoshoot ideas that are an absolute must-try!

Heart Hands

The heart is an international sign of love. No wonder that heart-hand photos are the number one trend in pregnancy photography. You may do it alone, focusing on your belly or involve your partner and older kids to create a cute and imaginative family photo. It is a stylish and easy photo that shows intimacy and love concentrated in a special moment. You don`t even need a professional photographer to do a heart-hands photoshoot. Basic knowledge of photoshop and photo editing apps will help you create a very special and unique photo layout.

Siblings Can't-Wait!

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, your older kids might be more eager than you are to welcome a new baby! Try to save this memory. Of course, the success of the whole photoshoot depends on your older kid`s mood. Try to turn the photoshoot into a fun game and don`t forget to remind your child that he is the star of the show. This also reinforces to your eldest that he is not being overshadowed by the arrival of a new baby. For these photos, you may want to hire a qualified photographer who knows how to work with kids (as we all know from experience that kids aren’t always the best at following directions). 

Beach Photoshoot

The beach and ocean have such a profound and serene effect, it is now wonder that it is the most popular photoshoot location for almost every occasion and style. From wedding pictures to fashion photoshoots to joyful family portraits – they all look particularly special and authentic when taken on the beach. A pregnancy photoshoot is no different. The scenery gives you opportunities to try different styles – from a casual nautical look to a romantic, flowy, ethereal feel. The trick is to catch proper lightning. That is why you may want to hire a professional photographer who will know the best hour and location that will ensure outstanding pictures.

Tiny Booties

There is nothing cuter in the Universe than those itsy-bitsy clothes and shoes. Some of us were inspired to get pregnant just from seeing them in a Mall! Pregnancy photos featuring those tiny treasures is (understandably so) a very popular trend. You can experiment with different pieces of baby clothes and colors to create adorable images. This might also be a fun way to give a hint about the gender. As with the other photoshoot types, you may want to hire a professional to have a clear understanding of proportions and color balance to capture your idea in the best possible manner.


Of course, you are counting down the hours to meet your new bundle of joy. Why not express it in a photoshoot? The possibilities are endless - from simply drawing a timeline on your belly to including it into an improvised age chart of all family members. There are lots of ideas on the Internet and you can usually find inspiration that captures your unique personality and taste. Don`t be afraid to be creative, also. These are your unique memories, after all.

Reveal Pictures

Pregnancy photos don`t just preserve precious moments for you and your family; you may also turn them into creative announcements. If you want to reveal the gender of your new baby, you may create pictures that give vague hints or directly announces it. Also, you might have already come up with a perfect name and cannot announce it, but can add clues. Using chalkboards, body paints, and handmade billboards are quite popular in this category. If you want to create something unusual and memorable, you should call a professional. They can come up with fresh, creative ideas that you may not be able to find on Pinterest. 


Family Portrait

Though less common, family portraits are a great way of showing love and excitement between family members. You may include several generations in one picture or focus on your immediate family. Whatever you choose, the main idea is to express the atmosphere of love and expectancy. This photoshoot might be one of the trickiest as it is supposed to involve several people. This is especially true if you have toddlers who usually have short tempers and attention spans. Even the most professional photographers usually invite assistants who make sure that everybody is in a good mood and the set is full of joy and positive energy. These pictures might take the biggest effort, but they are worth it.

Marley and Me 

When we talk about family portraits, we cannot leave out our furry friends. They exemplify unconditional love and care. It is always a good idea to take a pregnancy photo with your beloved pet. Unfortunately, their lives are awfully short. So making a pregnancy photoshoot with your beloved dog is also a means to secure several precious memories in one picture. Just like toddlers, pets might be quite unpredictable and moody. That is why you should prepare yourself for a rather long photoshoot.



The majestic body shape of a pregnant woman has been praised for centuries. Silhouette pregnancy pictures are another super-popular trend. They usually look the best in black-and-white filters, quality lighting, and simple clothing that doesn’t draw attention away from the center of the universe – the mom-to-be.

Modern cameras and even smartphones allow you to take quality pictures nowadays (although you might consider inviting a professional for such a significant event). Don`t rush yourself. Check out several options before making a decision. You should always go through a photographer's portfolio and social media to have a clear understanding of their style and qualifications. Remember, the main purpose of a pregnancy photo shoot is to create precious memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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