Pregnancy During the Pandemic of COVID-19

Pregnancy is the period when you have to take extra care of your health. And now, during the Pandemic of Coronavirus pregnant women are claimed to belong to a high-risk group. One of the reasons for it is the fact that the virus is new and doctors are still not sure how it may influence the pregnancy itself and the further health of the baby.

Is Coronavirus Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

According to the research, pregnant women who were infected by the Coronavirus do not show any severe symptoms. This is mostly explained that during pregnancy your body and the immune system adjusts and therefore you have a much stronger natural shield from possible dangers. Any way the rate of pregnant women with COVID-19 is not unusually high and the course of the disease is relatively light. This may be explained by 2 main factors. Most pregnant women took extra precautions and observed the quarantine restrictions extremely strictly. Another reason is that the usual age range of pregnant women is much lower than the age of people who risk suffering most from COVID-19.

Can COVID-19 Cause Premature Birth?

The Internet is full of information that the amount of premature birth has increased dramatically during the Pandemic of COVID-19. But there is no straight connection between the disease and pregnancy itself. One of the possible explanations of this phenomenon is the fact that doctors sometimes recommend performing a c-section on the later stage of pregnancy for women infected with Coronavirus. It allows us to perform full treatment with strong medications without concern about the baby`s health. Another possible reason for premature birth during COVID-19 is fever. The rise of temperature and blood circulation caused by it may provoke premature birth of miscarriage. So in case the symptoms are light and you have no chronic diseases that may influence the course of the disease, COVID-19 is very unlikely to cause miscarriage.

Can a Fetus Get Infected?

During the pandemic, doctors have marked 3 cases when a baby was born with COVID-19. It is still unclear if those children got the disease from their mothers in the womb or they were infected right after birth. Anyway, all babies that were diagnosed with COVID-19 recovered quite fast with no consequences. British scientists also point out that Coronavirus does not influence further physical or mental development of children.

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 During Pregnancy?

The precations rules for pregnant women are not much different from those for others. The main idea is to observe social distance and stay at home as much as possible. At the same time during pregnancy, you have to visit a doctor from time to time for routine observations. Many doctors say that they are revising the necessity of those checks for their patients. You should contact your doctor to make a new schedule that will save you the necessity to leave the house to much.

In case you notice any symptoms of COVID-19 you should address a doctor immediately. In case the course of the disease is light you may stay at home and don`t need any extra medical attention. But in cases the symptoms become more severe, a real threat for pregnancy might appear and therefore, you should be placed under constant medical observation.

COVID-19 is a serious disease. But it does not influence pregnant women more than others. There is no proven influence of Coronavirus on the fetus or a newborn. Anyway, just like you would have been extremely careful before, now, during the Pandemic, you should pay extra attention to your health and avoid risky situations.

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