Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist

Pregnancy is probably one of the most beautiful life-changing events. It surely is an amazing time, but on top of all the positive emotions, there is always a high level of stress. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the million things to prepare for your baby, we’ve decided to come up with a last month of pregnancy checklist to make sure you’re getting ready for your new bundle of joy will be a breeze:

1. Treat yourself

The fact that you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. A spot of pampering coming up to the big day should be one of the first things you need to consider. A manicure or a pedicure not only will let you enjoy some spare time, but you will make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. You deserve it!

2. Go on dates

Take full advantage of a couple of weeks before your baby is coming out to spend some time with your significant other and do the things you enjoy doing as a couple. Go to your favorite restaurant, go watch a movie, go out for meals, visit a museum or a place you’ve wished for a long time to visit. Make sure you enjoy this time as a couple because once the baby is delivered, you’ll barely have some time to spend together.

3. Plan a Newborn Photoshoot

Bringing a new baby into your family is one of life’s most amazing and wonderful moments! The newborn days are so precious, yet so fleeting. Find a great photographer that will be able to capture all of the sweet details of your new baby while he or she is still little and plan a photo shoot in advance. This way you’ll have all things settled up for capturing the first moments of your little one.

4. Go out with friends

Besides spending as much time as possible with your sweetheart, make sure you don’t forget about your friends. With the baby’s arrival, your chances to get out for spontaneous trips to the pub will decrease considerably. Thus, make the most of spending some girly time with your friends: go shopping, watch a movie, visit art galleries, and just enjoy every single moment of it!

5. Prepare a nice, new comfy outfit

Make sure you prepare a very comfortable outfit that you can wear when leaving the hospital. This way you’ll not stress about the size and will feel perfectly fine and relaxed in it. You might want to try these pregnancy leggings that will not only make you feel comfortable but will also flatter your body while giving you the maternity support you need.

6. Sleep as often as possible… seriously, you’re going to miss it

There is no secret that your baby will demand all your attention, including the time you usually used to sleep. So, make sure you get some energy in reserve for birth and beyond. This way you’ll handle it easier and will not be so stressed due to the lack of sleep.

7. Spend time with yourself

As much as you love having people around you, don’t forget to spend some time with yourself. Read a book, take some photographs, sleep in. Just relish in your alone time and do whatever you want. These are probably the last weeks when you’ll be able to be on your own, without someone always craving your attention.

8. Get Your Car Ready

You will need a car seat to take your newborn home from the hospital, it is the law. Therefore, buy a car seat in advance, and make sure you install it correctly. Safety first! So, in case you’re not exactly familiar with how to properly install your car seat, we recommend going to an approved location and getting a little instruction.

9. Finalize the Nursery

We’re pretty sure you started imagining your nursery since you find out that you’re pregnant. Thus now it’s pretty much the perfect time to make any finalizations. Add the final pieces, a few more decorations or objects, or some tiny little toys to make sure everything is ready for when your baby arrives.

10. Pack Your Hospital Bag

Since you cannot know the exact time and date you’re going to go into labor, it’s smart to prepare your hospital bag in advance. Make sure you have everything ready for when the big day comes, so you can just grab it on the way out.

11. Mentally Prepare

Remember that once your baby is delivered, your life is changed forever. Give yourself a few minutes every day to mentally prepare for the significant coming changes. Things might not always be easy. Sometimes you can be down due to a lack of sleep and energy, a lot of crying, post-delivery self-care, and a lot of noise. But, you’re strong enough to make it through, always remember that!

12. Don't panic if you go past your due date

If your baby decides to stay in your belly for longer, do not stress out, it is not a very huge problem. Don’t panic, it is a very common situation. Go talk to your provider and, if necessary, use different techniques to start your labor. The month leading up to your due date is probably the most exciting one. Spend every single moment of it with positive thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to relax and prepare for the final countdown. Stay organized, stock up on baby essentials, and take care of yourself! Soon you will become the happiest person in the world!

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