How to stay active during pregnancy?

Staying active during pregnancy generates a lot of concerns for women. How much weight will I gain? Will I find it challenging to keep myself in good shape? Unfortunately, a lot of women lower their physical activity considerably when finding out that they’re pregnant. They tend to spend most of their time laying down or sitting. Undoubtedly, you need to give up some serious physical activities that can be too much for a pregnant lady, but, spending too much time sitting down without being active can be harmful to your and your baby’s health. Because pregnancy puts an immense amount of strain on your body, not only you have to exercise daily, but also you need to be in a good physical state to cope with labor and giving birth. Don’t forget that as your baby grows, there is more pressure on your back. Thus, maintaining a good exercise routine can also help to improve posture and reduce back pain and fatigue. Also, a lack of physical activity can lead to too much weight gain, loss of fitness, increased risk of getting gestational diabetes, or other medical conditions. So, let’s dive into some easy ways to stay active during pregnancy and help you avoid the negative consequences.

A walk - a day!

Even though it may sound obvious, but walking is one of the easiest physical activities that you can practice without even planning it. Regular daily walks have a significant impact on your well-being, due to the fresh air and nice atmosphere, which help you improve your mood and boost your energy level. Regular walking in pregnancy lowers the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. It busts stress, relieves aches and pains, balances your pelvis (responsible for the optimal positioning of your baby). Moreover, after a few regular walks you will notice that you sleep better and feel more energized day by day. In case you’re tired of boring walks, set challenges for yourself and make each walk unique and more enjoyable. Drive somewhere outdoors, get out into nature, explore some unknown parks and beautiful outdoor locations. Set everyday challenges such as: to walk a certain amount of steps, distance, time, to listen to a 45 podcast or audiobook, etc. - set whatever you consider that is going to keep you determined and inspired.

What about some Yoga?

You may not feel like you’re up to stretching your body all the way and opening your heart chakra to the ocean, but guess what - you don’t have to! Even though when you think about yoga, you imagine some super flexible women who make some super hard stretchy moves, it’s not always about that. Yoga in pregnancy is more about moving your body in a very gentle way and aligning your pelvis for easier labor and birth. Either you’re considering attending a yoga class or practicing it at home, you have to always keep it very nice and easy. Only practice exercises that your body allows you to, and don’t force it into something that can harm your baby and your overall well-being. Through yoga, you can even learn some breathing and meditation techniques that can help you in labor. So, in case you had doubts about either or not starting some yoga, you should definitely go for it!

Belly Dancing

Dancing is always fun, be it at a party or wedding. What if we told you that by simply turning on your favorite music and dancing around the house you can get enough physical activity? Wouldn’t that be fun? Belly dancing in pregnancy, the slow, wave-like dancing, is such an adorable and easy way to move your body and feel amazing. Belly dancing movements can strengthen your abdomen, soften ligaments and promote optimal positioning of the baby. You can do it anywhere, anytime you want to boost up your mood and feel better. Just turn on the music and get that belly moving!

Hydrotherapy & Swimming

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on swimming. Standing armpit deep in a pool is not only very pleasing and refreshing but is also completely takes the weight you don’t know you’re lugging around. Aches and back pain just melt away in water, leaving you physically and emotionally more able to embrace the challenges of pregnancy. Consider going to a local public pool, or to specific spa centers that have pools, trust us, you’ll love this experience.

Don’t forget about Squats

Keeping your pelvic floor healthy during pregnancy and after birth, it’s extremely important. You may have never given too much thought to this, especially if this is your first baby, but it’s time to change this. Squatting during labor can increase your pelvic outlet size by 30%, which means more room for the baby to descend through your pelvis. So get squatting! It will help train your muscles a little and strengthen your legs and pelvic floor. Try to get some squats over the day, or even set up a daily amount of squats to get done every day. This way your body will be more prepared when it comes to labor.

Regardless of what type of physical activity you decide to practice, always keep in mind that not being active during pregnancy will make birth to be harder. So, keep it nice and simple, set up your favorite exercises, and enjoy every single minute of it.

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