How To Spice Up your Pregnancy Life

By the time you reach the 40-week landmark of  pregnancy, you pretty much are just begging to get this baby out of you. You’re so big, warn out, sick, hiunmmmmmmmm tired, and hormonal, that nothing sounds like fun except maybe a c-section. But, while everything seems to annoy you from your husbands chewing to the fact you can’t drink wine), there are still fun ways to make the time go by quickly. Here are just a few of them:

Don’t Judge; Indulge In Self Care

Allow yourself to be Queen Bee for a day (or even throughout all 9 months). Nap without guilt. Eat without guilt. Get a professional back massage or manicure. Take long baths. Buy extra soft bedding and a body pillow for your last trimester. If household work is too strenuous, hire a maid. Allow yourself to drink coffee or half a glass of wine every once in a great while.

Take advantage of your status 

People don’t dote on other people quite like they do a pregnant woman. Instead of trying to be too much of an independent woman, accept the bus seat. Allow people to carry your groceries. Let your husband make dinner. Take the compliments from strangers at the grocery store. There is no time like now to feel like a princess.

Invest In A Great Wardrobe

Shop for a couple of special maternity outfits, including some pretty lingerie. Wear flattering colors and styles that bolster your inner-glow. Get your hair colored and styled and a manicure. Arrange for a glamour pregnancy shoot so you’ll have pictures to remember what a hot pregnant chick you were. 

Make Time With Friends

People naturally gravitate toward human interaction and intimacy, says Emma Seppälä, Ph.D., the associate director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine. She explains, “Social connection helps us overcome stress.”. So if you're feeling anxious about birth classes, ob-gyn visits, and budgeting for baby necessities, take a break and book some girl time with your closest friends. See a movie or grab a bite to eat. Can't get together in person? No worries. "I Skyped with my best friend after every sonogram," says Denver mom Amy F. "She wanted to feel like she was there with me even if it was only for a few minutes."

Lighten Up and Laugh

Pregnancy opens women up to a host of embarrassing, awkward, and funny situations. . Concentrate on the funny side. Laugh when "mother brain" makes you put your keys in the refrigerator and you can’t find the glasses that are on your face. Got a bad case of flatulence? Let it rip, girl! You’ve earned it!

Indulge In Food

You know that the whole eating-for-two thing isn't really true,,.right? And that junk food is bad for you and your growing baby, so chocolate ice cream shouldn't be a daily staple. The fact is, most pregnant women experience specific cravings, and indulging in a few calorie splurges now and then can go a long way. . Miami mom Gali K. even traveled to Philadelphia to eat the cheesesteak she was craving!

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

When we're happy with what we have -- and feel thankful for it -- we lead less stressed and more optimistic lives, according to research. So Dr. Seppälä recommends taking time out of each day to give thanks for your healthy pregnancy and anything else you're particularly grateful for, whether that's a supportive hubby or your new body pillow or the new ice cream shop that opened down the street. "I was sick during all three of my pregnancies," says mom Alexa S., of Santa Barbara, California, "but I was so grateful to my partner, who took care of me, helped out with our other kids, and made me laugh through it all."

Add Some Kink

Spice up your sex life. Pregnancy can be a very sexy time — hormones are altered, senses are heightened, concern over getting pregnant is gone. Because conventional sex may be uncomfortable, now is a great time to get creative. Experiment with novel positions, new lingerie, different lighting. You may discover "treats" you and your partner can enjoy even after the baby is born. If the sparks have dwindled, keep the embers alive with cuddles and communication..

Document the journey

Whether you snap regular belly-bump photos (the March of Dimes' CineMama app can help, and Pinterest is full of fun ideas) or keep a journal about what you're craving, how you're feeling, and what your baby is doing (hiccupping? kicking like crazy?) spend a few minutes each day or week documenting the experiences so you can remember every detail later down the he road. Because, trust us, you'll forget!)

Stay Active

Sneaking in motion is a good way to relieve pain associated with pregnancy as well as keep you from gaining too much pregnancy fat. Whether that activity is going on a daily walk, swimming, taking an exercise class or doing maternity yoga, any of these options will give you a sense of accomplishment and you will likely meet friends in the process. 

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