Holiday Shopping Guide for Pregnant Ladies

The happiest and the most beautiful time of the year is quickly approaching, and so is the holiday gift shopping. Unfortunately, due to the whole world pandemic, this year’s Holiday Shopping will be a little different: full of restrictions, masks, and the hand sanitizer’s smell.

We know it can seem a bit overwhelming, planning to shop for gifts or find the best deals while your baby is nearing her due date. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Turn on some holiday music, pull out some comfortable cute leggings and oversized sweaters, grab some healthy snacks and a cup of hot cocoa - and enjoy the wonderful holiday atmosphere while we offer you a 2020 holiday shopping game plan:

Have a Detailed Plan

During this pandemic, try to minimize your trips to the store as much as you can, but in case you prefer physical stores - make sure you time your shopping trip for a day and time that has very low traffic. Consider going early in the day, since aisles tend to be less crowded, and stores are at their cleanest right after opening.
HINT: Many stores are offering special hours for older and immunocompromised customers, so, you might as well consider shopping during these hours.

Wear a Mask

Make sure you do not forget to grab a mask when leaving your house. It will add an extra level of protection and ensure you shop in a healthy environment. 

Follow the Restrictions

You know how it works from now on. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after you shop. Try to minimize touching the products from the shelves  - touch only the items you intend to buy. Since many stores are offering wipes for shopping cart handles, make sure to use these to disinfect it. And do not forget! Maintain the physical distance between yourself and the other shoppers, as well as store workers. 

Use a Holiday Shopping List

One of the best and most useful holiday shopping tips is to prepare a detailed shopping list in advance to avoid buying too many presents or not getting enough. Organize your list by grocery section: pajamas, socks, household items, and so on, so that you can move swiftly through each section of the store. Because getting gifts for everyone in your network of family and friends can lead to big holiday spreading, being organized will help you save time and enjoy the process.

Follow Retailers on Social Media

Following your favorite retailers on social media will allow you to get many exclusive deals and coupons they usually offer during the holiday shopping season. In addition to saving your time, you might get some great sales on products you’ve been looking for for a long time. Go check out their Facebook or Instagram profiles and enjoy the extra saving opportunities. 

Online Research

In case you’re wondering how to save money on holiday shopping, make sure you do your research online before you buy gifts. Check out online reviews of products to decide if they’re worth the price. You might even want to consider going with last year’s model or products if they offer the same value as newer models.

Take Advantage of the Sales

As we mentioned before, many sites are already offering excellent deals and coupons, so you’ll want to make the most of them, Take your time browsing and bookmarking your favorite online shops to see if you can score better deals elsewhere for specific items. You’ll save and get more for your money, the people in your life will be happy and most importantly, your wallet will thank you later!

As you enjoy the holiday preparation and gift wrapping, remember to stay healthy and get the best out of this wonderful time in your life!

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