Good Pregnancy Vibes When You’re Feeling Down

Real Talk For A Second: Pregnancy is beautiful in theory but, unless you’re one of the super lucky ones, pregnancy can also be a real pain (literally). Between the weight gain, the constipation, the cramps, the exhaustion, the nausea, the hair loss, and the acne - pregnancy can be a downright nightmare. (Sorry future children! We love you with all of our hearts, but you were NOT easy to bring into this world.)

With all the headaches associated with pregnancy, it’s pretty easy to fall into a depression. Some days, it feels like this baby is NEVER going to come. But this is when we need to start implementing positive, self-assuredness and internal pep talks. 

So, here is a list of self-affirmation thoughts you can practice when you’re feeling down in the “prenatal dumps.”

  1. Remember that one guy that dumped you that you thought you couldn’t live without? Look at you now, sista, not only living but creating new life. 

  2. No period for 10 months! That’s got to count for something. Plus, think of the costs you save on sanitary products! 

  3. This, too, shall pass. And not only will it pass, but it’ll bring something amazing at the end. 

  4. You were biologically made to do this. No man could get through this sh**. You’re a fighter, a warrior, a HERO and so much stronger than you think!

  5. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give zero f**** about gaining a little weight and eating what makes you feel good. Eat that tuna ice cream wrap with Cheetos if that’s what your body is craving! Who cares if onlookers might want to put you in an insane asylum.

  6. Crying and being moody and temperamental is totally ok (so long as you aren’t abusive). This may be the nicest your husband will ever be to you because of it. Bask in it. But again, don’t abuse your power. 

  7. Similarly, this is one of the only prolonged periods in your life that people will give up their seats, help lift things, help with errands, and pretty much do anything to make you comfortable. LET THEM - no matter how strong willed you are.

  8. Women have been doing this for centuries. Women will continue doing this for centuries. Not only are you not alone, but you’ll make it out fine. And if (God forbid) there ARE any issues, you are living in the best time for both eastern and western Medicine.

  9. You got through college on barely any sleep, no water, probably some Adderall, and no nutritious food. That was for 4 years. If you can survive that, you can survive this. 

  10. You FINALLY have the excuse - no apologies necessary - to binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy and SVU.

  11. If you are into natural birth, more power to you, mamma! But if you aren’t, just remember there are drugs at the end of the tunnel. 

  12. Think how much money you’ve saved on booze!

  13. Many women aren’t able to get pregnant. Just think how lucky you are to be able to do so.

  14. You might have had to forgo almost all of your vices and pleasures, but at least you can still have coffee! And let’s be honest, that’s the most important meal of the day.

  15. And lastly, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!! It may not feel like it right in this moment, but it will all be soooo worth it. And, believe it or not, this all will be a distant memory. 

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