Do you have a Christmas due date? Here’s how to be prepared

A due date that falls smack in the middle of the holiday season can stress out any mama-to-be. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! All you need for a smooth Christmas delivery is a little extra prep and planning.

But what better present could you ask for than your baby?

Whether you’re due on the 25th, or in the weeks leading up to it, keep in mind that only five percent of women go into labor on their actual due date. But, with careful planning and preparation, you’ll have all things run as smoothly as possible on the big day. Being organized beforehand will help reduce stress and anxiety while letting you enjoy this magical season.

Here's what you need to know if you're getting ready for your best Christmas present ever:

Take it easy!

First things first mama! Remember, this Christmas is not going to be like any other. It’s a special one, where you need to put yourself first and do not stress out about holiday stuff. Make lists for everyone you need to buy for and stick to it. In some ways, online shopping makes this easier as you’re not tempted to pick things up as you aimlessly trail around shop after shop.

Should I induce?

If you don’t want to spend Christmas in labor or the hospital with a new baby, speak to your healthcare provider and learn the pros and cons of inducing labor. Usually, healthcare providers agree to induction only if there are no health risks to you or the baby and you’re as close to your due date as possible. Remember, the longer your little one stays in your tummy the better it is for his overall health and wellbeing. See some pros and cons provided by Lynne Bluff, a registered nurse and midwife, and co-author of the Expectant Mother’s Guide 2014:


● Inducing your labor ends a prolonged or post-term pregnancy
● It prevents complications to you or your unborn baby
● Ends the pregnancy if you are diabetic
● Avoids a too big a baby or if your baby has stopped growing and thriving in the womb
● Prevents infection if the membranes rupture before going into natural labor


● Contractions are more painful
● May cause severe postpartum bleeding
● More continuous and intense fetal monitoring
● Higher risk of a C-section if done on a cervix that isn’t ready for labor

Many women are concerned about not having a healthcare provider or a gynecologist there during the holiday to deliver the baby. Thus, if you’re planning a natural delivery, choose a doctor and hospital that’ll support your decision and plan accordingly, no matter what time of year it is.

Do I have to postpone my holiday?

Well, theoretically you could be able to travel, only we recommend not to. Because you don’t know the exact time and day, you might end up going into labor in the car or on the way to your destination or having your baby in a small seaside town without the support of friends or family.

Will the hospital be equipped to handle the labor over Christmas?

Even during the holiday, both public and private hospitals are well equipped to run properly and handle all emergencies over the festive season. Despite the holiday schedule, hospitals will be well-equipped to handle the labor. Only, elective procedures might be shut down between Christmas and New Year, so make sure to speak to your healthcare provider well in advance if you’re having an elective C-section. Regardless of when you deliver. You won't pop out that bambino alone under the mistletoe. "Ask who's scheduled to be on call around the time of your due date. In case you’re a high-risk patient, it’s worth planning and knowing in advance who will be on duty during the holidays so you have a backup plan just in case. And delivering on a festive day can be fun because hospitals may get in the spirit by passing out chocolates or wearing reindeer antlers. Not that you'll need any more reasons to celebrate!

How will I manage the holidays with a new baby?

In case your “fourth trimester” corresponds to the holiday season, make sure you don’t get stressed out and relax more. We’re not saying that there are no parties allowed for pregnant ladies during Christmas, but it’s important to remember that a lot of crazy holiday stuff might be overwhelming for you and your baby.

If you’re expecting a baby around Christmas, here are some tips for how to prepare and to help make the festive period as stress-free as possible.

Get organized

It’s never too early to start thinking about your plans for when you will have the baby. Organize your house, the baby’s room, sleeping area, and clothes, and make a plan for when you go into labor.

Ask for help

Don’t feel things have to be perfect or that you have to do it all, Mama! After all, you’re growing a person inside of you. Ask for help with baking this year. People want to feel helpful, so let them. Scale back on your holiday responsibilities this year. Your friends and family will understand.

Make Christmas Day plans based on what’s easiest for you

We know that everyone has their politics when it comes to Christmas time. But, this year is a special one for you, so make plans based on what will be easiest for you. Maybe you just want to stay at home on Christmas Day and have a quiet one, without driving for three hours to reach granny’s house. That’s ok. You’re pregnant! People could always come to you and do the cooking for you while you put your feet up.

Ditch mommy guilt

Prioritize what’s important for you and your baby and forget about the rest. The trick is to write down what’s most important – number one being you and your family’s wellbeing, and take on other tasks if and when you can.

Make the most of it!

You have a special connection with Christmas this year, so make the most of it! Get into the festive spirit and enjoy the magic atmosphere!

Whatever happens, congratulations, and have a happy and healthy Christmas!

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