Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

One of the most intimate and exciting moments of the pregnancy journey is announcing to your spouse that you are pregnant. While some women choose to tell their spouses right away (because, duh, how can you hold such exciting news a secret?), others like to surprise their spouses in less traditional, more unique ways. 

While there is no shortage of creative ways women make the big announcement, here are some of the best ones we have seen. 

Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets For Pregnancy Announcement

You can find numerous types of “scratch-off pregnancy announcements” on both Etsy and Amazon, but we really like the realistic way Jackpot Design has created their pregnancy announcement products. This is a particularly great way to announce your special news for spouses that enjoy playing scratch-off lotteries. 

Photo-Shoot Surprise!

This strategy works particularly well around the holidays. Book a professional photographer for a “family portrait” photo shoot and then get shots of you making the announcement to your significant other. (Cute signs or letter boards are a great addition to really make the photos “pop.”) Better yet, you’ll have lasting memories of this special moment and the look on your spouses face! If you live in the Tampa-Bay Area, check out Vani Line Photography to book your photo-shoot announcement. 

Take It To The Kitchen

Prepare a meal for your partner that is completely baby-themed: Baby Back Ribs, Baby Carrots, Baby Corn, and this bottle of Pinot Grigio called “Mommy’s Time Out”. If your sweetie doesn’t catch on right away, he will when you refuse to drink the wine!

Give a Fashion Show

Tell your future baby daddy that you purchased some new clothes and want his opinion on them. Strut out wearing a few different outfits, then mix in a Baby Announcement t-shirt (like this one from Pregnology) that will be sure to catch him by surprise. 

… Or Let A Sibling Announce It

If there is already a child in the mix, buy him or her a “big brother” or “big sister” t-shirt and see how long it takes your S.O. to notice and react. We love this one by R2BH Tee’s. (Bonus: These t-shirts are particularly great if your hubby loves video games.)

Puzzle Your Partner

Plan a game night and present your love with this unique puzzle that announces your pregnancy. Not only will he be totally surprised; you can keep the beautiful puzzle as a keepsake. We particularly love this puzzle by FJ4Life Creations. 

Hand It Over

Want to do something a bit more subtle and less planned? Wait for him to ask you to hand him something (like a spoon for his coffee, a charger for his phone, or a razor while he’s in the shower). Then, just casually hand him your pregnancy test. The look of confusion then realization on his face will be well worth it.  

Bottom Line: Whether you do something traditional, unique or extravagant, this will be a moment neither of you will ever forget.

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