7 Popular Trends in Maternity Fashion 2021 and Useful Checklist

You are a stylish future mother, and of course, you are curious about maternity fashion 2021 trends.

Pregnancy is not always about cuteness, but also a lot of inconvenience that every pregnant woman passes through. The morning sickness, weight changes, big belly, back pain, swollen feet, mood changes, these are all the non-comfortable parts of pregnancy we should deal with.

Does this mean that a pregnant woman needs a very comfortable closet? Yes! That is why maternity fashion is always concentrated on comfort.

My advice to you before checking maternity fashion trends 2021, on your first and second trimester, check out what you still can wear from your old wardrobe. Be creative!

Check new trends and make a trendy outlook from what you have.

You won’t need to spend much money on clothes which you are going to wear only once.

Especially, your sizes will change every day, and the shirt you wore today may not fit you in the next week.

Leggings that you were before pregnancy will perfectly match you on your first and second trimester, or sometimes even in the third one.

You probably will also have some trendy oversized shirts in your wardrobe, so try to pick some and wear them with the pair of comfortable shoes, I will suggest with sneakers.

Now, as you took my advice, let’s check what the maternity fashion 2021 trends are, and what you can buy to make your pregnancy period more colorful and enjoyable.

In maternity fashion, 2021 will dominate natural and neutral colors.

The trendiest colors for future mothers are black, white, blue, and different shades of blue, gray, and its different shades, green and its dark and light shades, brown, red, and yellow.

In maternity fashion trends 2021, you will find a wide range of different types of maternity leggings.

Although you still can wear your old ones, it would be good to buy one pair of maternity leggings and leggings just for your big belly comfort.

If you are planning to buy just one pair of leggings, choose between colors black and gray, they will fit with any top.

Among the maternity fashion 2021 leggings, you will find leggings for workouts, collective leggings (the pant with the top), leather jeggings, moto – style leggings, cropped leggings, leggings with animal (leopard) prints, and edgy leggings.

If you do yoga, there is also a wide variety of maternity yoga leggings available, mostly in maternity shops.

In particular, pay attention to the Pregnology Maternity Leggings. These active leggings are perfectly stretchy and supportive to keep you going - comfortably. With the stretchy belly panel, these leggings will grow with the bump all pregnancy long!

Another thing except for fashion you should now for your comfort, there are two types of maternity leggings over-the-bump and under-the-bump.

The over-the-bump leggings have a flexible belly panel that covers the whole belly and is perfect for all trimesters as the cloth grows with the bump.

The under-the-bump leggings simply lie under the belly, meaning that it does not cover the bump.

Maternity Fashion 2021 Take Some Tunics

In maternity clothes 2021, choose some stylish tunics that you can wear with leggings or pants. If you want, you can find tunics which you can wear even after pregnancy. You can choose from oversize types of tunics, which are also suitable after the pregnancy period.

What kind of tunics does maternity fashion trends 2021 suggest?

The oversized tunics, the tunics with big pockets placed on the belly, the cute tunics that perfectly shape your tummy area, tunics with flower prints, a very fashionable tunic from lace, and many types of tunics with trendy prints and colors.

Cute Summer Tops in Maternity Wear 2021

Tie front textured tops will nicely shape your belly, which is also in trend for the next year.

You can find very creative ideas for tops from maternity stores. There are plenty of oversized tops that you can wear freely after pregnancy.

The trendiest tops are those with natural colors, floral prints, cute baby prints right on the belly, maternity tank tops for summer, or yoga, plaid button-front shirts, maternity t-shirts, maternity pull-overs with bottoms, sash tie blouses, and so much more.

Maternity Clothes 2021 for Cold Weather

For your stylish pregnancy, designers created Fall/Winter Maternity Clothes Collection. Long sleeve layers are a good choice, especially for cold days, as you wear for both. Keep at least one maternity sweater for very cold days.

In maternity shops, you will also find cute dresses for the cold season. Maternity dresses 2021 Fall/Winter Fashion suggests maternity midi dresses, ribbed knit and nursing knit dresses, twist front dresses, which nicely shape the body.

For warm outwear, choose a poncho. A non-maternity poncho is always in fashion, and you can wear it after the pregnancy. Maternity cardigans are another warm outwear for pregnant women found in the maternity fashion trends 2021.

The oversized puffer jackets and coats which are not considered for maternity, are a perfect outwear for stylish pregnant women in 2021 winter.

Maternity Dresses 2021 Summer Fashion

There are plenty of beautiful summer dresses for fashionable future moms in 2021. The V-shaped light maternity dresses for hot summers the right choice for future mothers who are on their third trimester.

In maternity fashion 2021 trends, you will find a wide range of light sleeveless dresses with beautiful floral prints, bright trendy colors, that you can wear with flat sandals.

Shoes in Maternity Fashion 2021

During the maternity period, you will need to wear flat shoes, because they are safer and much more comfortable. If you have flat shoes, you will not need to buy the additional one, so take from your wardrobe flat boots, sneakers, and flat sandals.

However, some future mothers experience the growth of their feet as well, and usually, it is a one size growth. In that case, you will need to buy a shoe one size bigger from your old one.

Maternity Clothes 2021 Checklist

I have decided to make this checklist at the end of my article, so you will see what you need to have in your closet as a future mother.

  • Light summer dress
  • Flat sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Flat booths
  • Maternity warm sweater
  • Maternity or non-maternity leggings
  • Maternity jeans
  • Oversized non-maternity shirts
  • Non-maternity poncho
  • Oversized puffer jacket
  • Maternity or non-maternity tunics

Now let’s check the maternity underwear. What kind of underwear will you need for your most comfort?

  • Belly bands
  • Maternity panties

For a long time, the trendy texture for clothes is and will be cotton, velvet, and other natural materials comfy for future mothers.

This was the top list of maternity fashion 2021 trends for future stylish moms. Keep checking our blog for more interesting.

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