5 tips to follow during and after pregnancy

Becoming a parent takes tremendous effort to learn and adapt to new tasks and responsibilities. From proper self-care before and after pregnancy to learning how your body changes and how to take care of your baby’s health after giving birth. These can sometimes become overwhelming, because, unfortunately, giving birth doesn’t make you an instant, well-prepared parent. You’ll need to get to know yourself from scratch and slowly adapt to changing diapers, handling ear infections, and managing your recovery. However, there are a few basic things that can make your life easier if you add them to your daily routine. Whether you’re a few months away from giving birth, or you just find out that you’re pregnant, some tips are a huge help for you in every stage of pregnancy. Here are a few of those suggestions that will help you enter parenthood more confident and prepared.

Take baby steps

Despite the nine months of preparation that somehow prepare you for the future, you are just at the beginning of your parenting journey. Being a parent doesn’t have the pause mode - it’s always ON! It’s like a never-ending learning curve that makes you more responsible and prepared along the way. Therefore, don’t stress out if something doesn’t work quite the way you imagined or you have read in some parenting books. Remember, there are always different ways to become a better parent! So, take baby steps into building your mindset as a mom, and keep in mind that there is no such thing as “a perfect mother”. Just learn and adapt to each challenge and responsibility along the way so that you can love yourself even when you make mistakes as a parent. Let yourself grow together with your little one, and remember that none of us are ever perfect.

Ask other moms

Although everyone’s experience is different, you can still get some nice advice and support from other moms that have already been through this. Support is vital during pregnancy as much as it is after giving birth. Therefore, when you feel like you need someone to talk to, you can ask an experienced mother. Moreover, there are a lot of useful new mom apps that provide a safe space with ample support, advice, and guidance during these sensitive times. Talk to other moms and discover their tips and tricks that helped them to better adjust to the new role, both during and after pregnancy. This will help reduce stress and be more confident in the future experience.

Stay fit and healthy

Although we know how hard it is to even get dressed or tie your shoes in the last months of your pregnancy, having a well-balanced nutrition plan and a daily exercise routine should matter in every stage of your life. This becomes extremely important when you’re carrying your baby because now, you’re not just eating for yourself, but you’re nurturing your little one in your belly, and you need to give your body everything it needs to support carrying the baby. Thus, to make sure you boost your diet with healthy superfoods, you need to take all of those prenatal vitamins and minerals prescribed by your doctor. Please, don’t fall into all the unhealthy cravings, because they might have a bad impact on your and your baby’s health. In addition to an optimal macronutrient intake and well-balanced nutrition, don’t forget to add daily exercises to your body. Consider regular walks, performing yoga asanas, bodyweight exercises, as well as Kegels, to keep your pelvic floor strong and your core ready to carry your baby and prevent that low-back pain that can hit you during your pregnancy. Here are some nice and safe exercises that you should try out! Keeping a healthy balance between a vitamin full nutrition plan and physical activity is going to boost your energy level considerably and make you feel amazing!

Plan the birth

Even if you’re thinking that birth is way too far away from you, remember that time flies by very quickly, and the sooner you start educating yourself on your options and contemplating the best solution for you, the easier it will be to prepare your body and mind for childbirth. We recommend you find a doctor that you trust and have him guide you through the entire pregnancy and monitor your baby. You can also consider the people you’d like to be present (and why), the procedure you’d prefer (epidural to manage your pain, or naturally, without any medicine), the exact birthing center/location you’d love to deliver your baby in. There are plenty of different options out there, so taking time into finding what works best for you will help you avoid the stress as you’re getting closer to the due date.

Get an insight into postpartum depression

Even though postpartum depression is something you wouldn’t probably want to experience in your life, having an insight into what exactly it is and how to avoid it should be on your to-do list. This is because knowing helps reduce the risk of becoming depressed by taking all the needed precautions. So, talk to a specialist and learn how to recognize the earliest signs of depression and what actions should you take in case you experience some. We hope you will not need to apply this knowledge in practice, but it's crucial to know them. Even though it will not be easy, no one said you can’t make the best out of this period in your life. Make the pregnancy and postpartum recovery as seamless as possible with these pregnancy tips that we hope will help you on your journey!
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